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What We Do

The Andrew Garcia Memorial Foundation supports our local community in a variety of ways.  Two college scholarships are awarded to graduating seniors annually. A third scholarship is provided by our foundation in partnership with Impact United Soccer Club. This scholarship funds the expenses for a competitive league youth soccer player. Our foundation has also partnered with the Taylor Hagen Memorial Foundation to provide support to grieving families through hosting three Bereaved Mother Retreats annually, providing Grief Comfort Baskets to families after the death of their child and providing ongoing support to grieving families through our Angel Family Support and Outreach Program.  In addition to supporting our local youth and grieving families, we are dedicated to suicide prevention and mental health awareness.

Hope Baskets &
Angel Family Support and Outreach Program

Our goal is to provide support to grieving families in our community.  Grief Comfort Baskets are tailored to the families specific needs and includes a journal, grief coping candle and a daily grief reflection book.  Your support of our foundation provides angel families with much needed resources and support after the devastating loss of their child.

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With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to honor Andrew's passion for soccer. Andrew was a very gifted athlete, successful student and a team leader.  Andrew's on and off the field talents are continued through our foundations college and youth soccer scholarship program. Contact us to learn more about supporting youth in our community.


Bereaved Mothers Retreats

After losing Andrew, I found that I needed to surround myself with other mothers living this heartbreak. After attending a bereaved mothers retreat and experiencing the unconditional love and support of fellow angel moms, I was passionate about providing the same healing environment for mothers in my community. I have partnered with another passionate angel mom; together we have created a weekend retreat to nurture and care for grieving moms. We believe that cost should not be prohibitive for any grieving mother.

With your support we can provide scholarship opportunities for angel moms that cannot afford the full cost of the retreat.  To register to attend a retreat or support our cause go to

Mother's Retreats

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What We Do: What We Do
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